Tooth hurts after root canal.

I did a root canal on my upper right first molar and it hurts since the first day. It has been nearly 2 months now and my Dentist had placed a crown on my tooth yesterday. I'd told him that my tooth hurts two weeks after my root canal treatment, he said everything is fine. My crowned tooth Hurts when I chew on food. Sometimes, my teeth from lower/ upper jaw will have a sore/ pain feeling.

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Tooth must not hurt after root canal

When root canal therapy is done correctly the dentist (preferably a specialized one called endodontist) should have eliminated any infection there might have been, and removed the damaged pulp. Also cleaned, shaped, filled and sealed the tooth. If you felt the pain only after the crown was done I would consider a high contact point on the crown, but since you felt it right after the root canal treatment, I suspect one of the steps mentioned above was not done right. I suggest you have a x-ray taken to see if there is still infection and go to another endodontist for a second opinion, because the pain is probably not going away until it is done right. 
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