Fat Grafting Survival Rate?

i've been doing my research on at injections. some doctors say approx 50% of fats will survive and stay permanent, some say 2 years and in other hand, people who have gone through this procedure, some say after 2 yrs only 15% stays, some say less than 50% survive, some even say it doesnt last at all. it seems like the truth is very little fat last. then how can so many doctors say that its permanent and that most of the time 50% survives?

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Fat Grafting Survival Rate? #brazilian butt lift #fat survival

Thank you for your question!  Fat survival depends on many different things.  The method of removing the fat from the areas we do not want the prominence and placing the fat into the buttock can be performed many different ways.  The post-operative management is crucial to fat survival.  Sitting on the butt too early can kill otherwise healthy fat detracting from the post-operative result.  The technique to process the collected fat and filtering the unwanted elements from the liposuction can also predict the success of fat survival. 

So, in my experience, if each of the different factors are addressed in the overall plan to care for the patient fat survival can be very successful and lifelong. 

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Fat transfer survival

Dear cherryzz,

  • The percentage varies between surgeons, but the long term results is what you want to look for
  • You just want to look good, and a good fat transfer will last 10+ years
  • Touch ups (additional procedures) need to be done in about 20% of patients, but this depends more on how slim the face is before surgery
  • In the end, it is a great procedure that looks natural and lasts in the proper hands

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Fat grafting survival rates are variable, and surgeon-dependant

Fat grafting is an evolving field and we are learning how to make the procedure more reliable, but one thing is true: not all of the grafted fat will survive. There are a variety of factors that effect fat survival. I would caution against any estimate of fat volume survival that are not supported by MRI volumetric calculation. In my practice, I tell all patients that there is a good chance they might need a revisionary fat grafting procedure to obtain a balanced and satisfactory result.

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Does fat grafting work?

I am sorry that this is such a confusing topic.  Fat grafting does work.  There are several techniques currently being used in various aspects of the procedure.  Fat grafting in my hands has a 70 to 80 percent survival rate. There are certain guidleines that I follow.  I have performed these case since 2005 and am comfortable with the tecniques involved.

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