Fix Half Asian, Half caucasian Asymmetric Eye Lids

Is It a Simple Procedure to Fix my Asymmetrical Eye Lids? I am half asian, half caucasian, and my right eye folds like an asian eye, while my left eye more like a caucasian eye. My left eye is more noticeably droopy when I am tired (Ptosis?). I'd like to fix my left eye to match my right, is this a complicated surgery? Is it even possible to fix? (or at least make somewhat more similar?)

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Correction of eyelid asymmetry

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It would be relatively easy to give you eyelid symmetry but it would be the opposite of what you requested.  Your right eyelid is a normal asian eyelid without an upper lid crease.  This could be changed to look like a caucasian lid with very little effort.  

Your left eye is ptotic and has a double fold.  This is the problem eye and it cannot be made to look like the right.  Excess skin could be removed, the ptosis treated but you would be left with an upper lid incision which would resemble a caucasian  eye.   The left eye lid could never be made to look like an asian eyelid because of the scar which will result from  excess skin removal.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Asymmetric eyelids for bi-racial patient

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Asymmetrical eyelids are best dealt with a blepharoplasty whereby asymmetrical surgery can make the eyelids look more symmetrical. This will entail asymmetrical removal of fat from the puffier eye addressing any ptosis and making the eyelid creases symmetrical bilaterally.  

Asymmetry in Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Hi svsb,

Upper eyelid surgery is a relatively simple procedure, and your eyelids may be improved. However, it's technically very challenging to create perfect symmetry for multiple reasons. Asian eyelid surgery typically involves creating a double-fold or crease in the upper eye. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a eyelid plastic surgeon help determine appropriate options for you. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki

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Fix Half Asian, Half caucasian Asymmetric Eye Lids

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Dear svsb.

The short answer is yes it can be fixed.  A detailed examination is necessary to assess the various factors that are causing the asymmetry.  The picture shows the asymmetry but it doesn't give enough information.  A qualified Oculoplastic surgeon should be able to help you.

Sam Goldberger, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

Fixable yes, simple no.

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While it is true that your eyelids are technically ptotic if they were western eyelids, they are not droopy for asian eyelids.  However the big issue is an absence of a double fold on the right side and a complex fold on the left side.  The solution is to form a double fold on the right side and a matching double fold on the left side.   This requires a very precise anchor blepharoplasty.  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Asymmetric eyelids

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Hi.  It is possible to improve the symmetry of your upper eyelids.  There are a few things going on with your eyelids, including ptosis (droopy), fat deflation, and crease asymmetry.  Recommend an evaluation with an oculolplastic surgeon.

Dr Taban

Your procedure may be simple or complex, depending on the exact problem.

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Your procedure may be simple or complex, depending on the exact problem. A surgeon will need to evaluate you in person to review your anatomy and discuss your options. Asian eyelid surgery can be combined with ptosis surgery, however you will want to discuss this in detail with your surgeon. I recommend consulting with a board certified facial plastic surgeon that specializes in Asian eyelid surgery.

James Chan, MD
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetric upper eyelid creases

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You have asymmetric eyelid creases with the right side a low or "hidden" crease and left side higher, more visible crease. This can be treated with Asian upper blepharoplasty to make the crease on both eyelids more similar. It's typically done in office setting under local anesthesia. It's critical that you set the crease at appropriate height so the finished look is suitable for your face.

Best Wishes,

Stewart Wang, MD FACS, Wang Plastic Surgery

Asymmetric Asian upper eyelids

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In my opinion, I would recommend that both eyelids be addressed.  It would be virtually impossible to operate on one or the other and achieve any form of symmetry.  Asian eyelids are different than Caucasian eyelids and need to be approached with different techniques.  Control of the folds is the most important aspect.  If your droopy left eye has been a problem your whole life, then it will be hard if not impossible to gain perfect symmetry but certainly you can be made to look much more symmetric than you are currently.

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