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Is it posible (for a normal person who wasn't born with, or had trauma) to have surgery that would widen the distance between the eyes of closed set eyes? I just realy want wider eyes. How much would it cost...where could I do this surgery?! Anna, Russia

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Surgery for narrow set eyes to make them wider

There are surgeries for this which are performed by craniofacial surgeons but it is generally reserved for cogenital deformities and not for "cosmetic" indications. It involves surgery which may closely approach the brain and optic nerves.

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To get more wide-set eyes

you would need major craniofacial surgery (cutting the facial bones and repositioning them with plates and screws) to accomplish wider-set eyes.  Your best bet would be to learn some makeup tricks to create the illusion of more wide-set eyes.

Carmen Kavali, MD
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Wide eyes

To do what you want would require major craniofacial surgery and would be way to expensive and potentially dangerous to take on for what you are wanting.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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