Is it Normal to Pay for Touch Up if There Are No Results?

Dear doctors, I have had three lip augmentations. My first one costed 420 Euro. After my first injection I complained of the results. So he injected more, for free. After few days I was not happy again, because I could barely see any change! So I was there again, he charged me 210 Euro! Now it is still not like I wanted to have. I can´t afford more money. Is it ok that customers pay and pay for little filler every time? I´ve paid the TOTAL and didnt get what I paid for at all.Thank you regards

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Every doctor has different policies

Every doctor has different policies.  He/she pays for every syringe of filler that he uses on you.  Often people want more of a result but the result is based on how much filler is used.  One syringe only takes you so far.  A second syringe was used as a touch up.  This probably removed any profit-margin by opening a second syringe but he/she did it to make you happy.  By opening another syringe for you he/she will likely be losing money on the treatment.  Fillers are expensive and the cost charged by the injector is not only for injecting but to also pay for the product.  I hope this info helps!

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Filler touch ups

We all have different policies regarding a patient needing more product..Some people just need more filler injected. Each patient is different. The products tend to grow after it is injected. It will grow for  3 to 5 days. So it is important not to over fill with product.We can always add more. I usually discount any syringes added to the treatment at a folllowup visit if it is needed to get you your results.

Every patient is different with the procedures.

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Filler and product

My office policy is that patients pay for any filler that they get.  Some patients fell that the filler did not fill them up enough. That usually means that they need more.

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