Destroyed Lip Contour by Injections

dear Doctors, is it correct, that you loose your natural lip contour, if you get your lip augmentation into the contour. I have read that you loose, even destroy, your own lip contour with this technique if you do this procedure often. How much is often? how does it look when your contour is destroyed? thank you kind regards

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Too many lip injections with needles can alter lip integrity

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When women were first getting lip augmentations with collagen, the frequency and method of injection could (and for some women did) create enough scar tissue in the lip so as to alter the lip tissue and shape.

But that was "way back when" and it was very infrequent.

The newer fillers last much longer than collagen did and therefore don't require a re-do every few months as was the case with bovine collagen. Also, the techniques have changed and with the introduction of micro-cannulas, the small injuries of needles have been pretty much eliminated.

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Lip Augmentation

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Dear Suna,

  • Take a look at some before and after pictures and you can see what can be done with injections
  • In general, I tell people that we can enhance what they already have
  • It can produce amazing results that women love if you go to an experienced injector

Best regards,

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Contouring Lips with Injections

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I am not sure I understand your question. The reason for injecting the lips is to improve their contour, especially that at the vermilion margin. This can be repeated multiple times without detrimental effect. In fact, your natural contour generally improves with time as you usually retain some of the product injected and make it into your own collagen. Of course, as you age, you will continue to lose substance. That is why you have the injection in the first place, but the injection tends, if anything, to slow the process.


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