What silicone strips are better for TT scars?

Also what can I use to lighten the scar and belly button?

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Scar Care

While your body does a great job healing scars on its own, you can also help by keeping the scars out of the sun. Also, we usually recommend silicone sheeting and dermatix silicone gel. These two products have helped our patients improve the appearance of their scar nicely. The key is to use these products only after the steristrips have fallen off and the wound has closed, as well as apply them to clean skin. Best of luck!  

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Tummy tuck scars

The scars from your Tummy Tuck will fade by themselves as time goes by.  Be careful not to spend a lot on creams and ointments to accomplish this as results can be disappointing.  Silicone scar pads, which are available in your pharmacy may help with this. 
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Dr. Douglas Hargrave

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What silicone strips are better for TT scars?

There are many cream,lotions or strips uses for after surgery to help minimize the appereace of the scar. Ask your surgeon which one he/she prefer to use. 

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