One Side of my Nose is Different, Has a Pointy Ridge. How Much to Fix This? (photo)

Nothing really traumatic happened to it, I'm pretty sure it just grew that way. You can feel the top long bone on one side where it meets with the side almost like a T. The other side is perfectly normal. It really bugs me, I didn't do anything to my nose, it just grew like this! So my questions are, will it get worse? How much to fix it? And what could have caused it?

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Cost of a rhinoplasty

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  The cost of a rhinoplasty is variable depending upon where it performed, and who is performing the surgery. Filing down the hump is usually  pretty straightforward, but  it will still require anesthesia, operating room and surgeons fee. In addition, the photographs show a concave upper lateral cartilage on that side which will require spreader graft harvested from inside the nose to better balance the transition between the bone and cartilage. Our price list and photo gallery is located on the link below

The uneven pointy nose

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Hi Sophie,

The bones and cartilage of the nose can develop unevenly and this is the cause of the bump you see. It does not need trauma for a nose to develop a lean or bump. The solution though is likely a rhinoplasty and you will need to be assessed by a surgeon. From there a plan can be formulated to correct the problem and address your concerns. 

The first step though is find a surgeon.

All the best

Jeremy Hunt

One Side of my Nose is Different, Has a Pointy Ridge. How Much to Fix This? (photo)

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Causes are trauma, genetic, or combination. Only unilateral rhinoplasty will solve your issues. Seek IN PERSON consults.//

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Nasal asymmetry

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Some asymmetry is normal. Without seeing you in person it is difficult to say what could be done to soften that depression/bump that you see in the photos.

Nose asymmetry

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The pictures aren't so good so a real life consultation would be better. Nonetheless it looks like an injection of an HA filler might be an easy way to make the nose look better, not perfect. HA fillers in this location last 1-2 years. Longer in the tip. 


V lambros md

Asymmetries in the nose are normal

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When I see patients in the office one of the first things I do when I load their photos on the computer is show them the asymmetries of the face and nose. This is normal and indeed makes the face look natural. If it is precisely symmetric the face will look like a computer generated image. If a small asymmetry is very bothersome you should have consult a surgeon.

Robert Mounsey, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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