Why is One Side Hard and the Other Soft After a Tummy Tuck? (photo)

hi i had a tummy tuck a little over 8 weeks ago. The right side is hard and flat and looks great. However, the left side is soft and sags a little bit especially at the incision. I have been told im still swollen on that side and it will harden up like the other side. However i dont believe. Why is one side healing better then the other? can this be fixed with a revision? HELP

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Why is One Side Hard and the Other Soft After a #TummyTuck? (photo) ANS:

Hard to tell from the photo but it could be several things. It could be just a little extra skin right above the incision that can be trimmed out in the office if it is still present after 6-8 months. Or it could be a little pocket of fluid, like a seroma, that may need to be drained with a needle in the office...So many times with my patients when I can't tell, I try aspirating with a needle in the office just to see if I do get anything...Just a thought.

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Asymmetry after a tummy tuck

Thank you for your question and photos. I do see some asymmetry in your photos. It looks like you have a little more skin on the left and it is possible that you have more swelling on that side. I agree with you that the skin usually gets softer over time after a tummy tuck, not firmer. I would wait for a couple more months until you are completely healed. If nothing changes, more skin could be removed from that side. Good luck.

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Why is One Side Hard and the Other Soft After a Tummy Tuck?

Results look great but I see extra skin & fat on the left side. Allow a few more months of healing before asking for a left side revision excision

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From your pictures it looks like you have great results. You are still swollen it’s too early to see final results, it take 6-12months for all swelling to subside... But from your pictures it looks good.


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Why is One Side Hard and the Other Soft After a Tummy Tuck

Thanks for the question and for the photos. The center and right photos are taken straight on and both look quite even. Obviously I cannot feel to determine if one side is harder than the other. 

So far it looks like you have quite a nice result. 

Best wishes.

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