How Soon Can I Get Septoplasty After my Rhinoplasty?

I had open rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and now my ps said I will need septoplasty. My tip is very crooket to the right and I am so upset. I can't belive he didn't check it before he did my surgery. My breathing was never a problem before but now it's hard to breath threw my L nastril. I want to get it fixed ASAP. Do I really have to wait a full Year or can this be done sooner? Thank you so much for any feedback.

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When septoplasty can be performed after rhinoplasty

A septoplasty can be performed after the rhinoplasty as long as it is approximately 2 months postoperative so that there is no further additional swelling.  The patient does not need to wait a full year, only a couple of months before embarking on the septoplasty procedure.  The septoplasty is usually a medically related condition billed to the patient’s insurance and is not considered cosmetic.

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Septoplasty after Rhinoplasty

I recommend you wait 6-9 months to see if your breathing does improve as swelling resolves. If you're going to have another operation, be sure you like your cosmetic result so any revisions you want or need can be done at the same time as the the septal procedure.

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