Feeling like needles punching my chest following gynecomastia. Is that normal?

I am almost 4 months post operation which was liposuction and excision. Still there is a swelling and when the areola is warm, it gets puffy. My chest feels like needles punch it when walking or exposed in the sun. Am I expected to treat it with something? I appreciate any suggestions you make and thank you very much indeed.

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Needle–like feeling after gynecomastia surgery

 Abnormal sensation around the nipple is not uncommon after gynecomastia surgery. I usually recommend waiting about six months before evaluating results  so it is possible that you are still within healing time and the needle-like feeling is nerve regeneration. Sometimes abnormal sensations are a permanent results of surgery but it is best to consult with your surgeon before making a determination about any other treatment or outcomes 

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Feeling like needles punching my chest following gynecomastia. Is that normal?

At this point, the symptoms seem unusual; best evaluated by your plastic surgeon in person.  Otherwise, the advice you receive here will be nonspecific.  Best wishes.

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Needles punching?

Tough one to figure out in this forum.  Would need some more information to be more accurate.  How wa surgery done? How severe was the gynecomastia? How much tissue was removed? What technique and sutures are used by your surgeon..? etc...
Here is what may be happening. This could represent scar formation and pain that can emanate from that.  It could be nerve regeneration under the areolae.  Hard to tell.  Photos would help.  My suggestion would be to return to surgeon to help guide more precisely.  In the meantime...apply scar cream and ointments to the area and do daily massaging of the that area.  Twice a day.  Also at night..apply warm soaks or compresses over the area that is tingling like needles.  On a really bad day of tingling and needles, try an anti-inflammatory like motrin etc.  See if this soothes and helps that issue.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.
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