Bath post tummy tuck?

How long do I need to wait to takes bath after a tummy tuck? I'm 5.5 weeks post tummy tuck... Incisions posed and healing nicely!

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At this point, a bath should be fine

After tummy tuck surgery, I advise the patients to take two weeks off from work. The patients may return to work, but may not engage in any strenuous activity. By 5.5 weeks it should be no problem to take a bath.  At two months, the patients start low impact cardio. At three months they can engage in more strenuous physical activity. If anything hurts or causes swelling, we ask them to back off somewhat.

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When May I Bathe After a Tummy Tuck?

  • Most patients are completely healed by two weeks after a tummy tuck. 
  • If you are healed, and all incisions are closed, bathing should be just fine!
  • Thanks for sharing.

Joshua Cooper, MD, FACS
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Do ask your surgeon when you may starting bathing or swimming. For most of my patients, bathing usually can start around 4 weeks, and swimming at 6. You want to make sure all your incisions are completely closed--no scabs and leaking.

Connie Hiers, MD
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Bath post tummy tuck?

I would check with your surgeon since he or she has been able to see how you've healed so far. In general, as long as there are no more open area along any incisions or drains you should be okay to take a bath. Congratulations on your mommy makeover. Dean Vistnes. 

M. Dean Vistnes, MD
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Bath after tummy tuck

If all of the incision is completely closed and without any small openings, you should be able to take a bath at this point.  Always confirm with your surgeon.

Chad Robbins, MD
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Bath after tummy tuck

Congratulations on your surgery! Usually once all of your incisions are completely closed and your drains are removed you can safely take a bath.  Every surgeon has her own protocol with this type of situation though, so it is best to first check with yours.

Camille Cash, MD
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