I Received an Email from Surgeon- Can I Ever Look Normal Again After Rib Grafts and Spreaders. Who is the Best Surgeon for This?

I have to get grafts and spreaders along bridge in my nose.Used from Rib. I have a v deformity. Twisted columella. One small & 1 huge nostril. Hump on top right of my bridge. Visible scar tissue in each nostril. Cant breathe through mouth at night. He wants to use perichondrium or fascia to smooth out my bridge. Could I look good with all that in my nose? Or grafts and spreaders not make my nose look bigger? Which Dr has most experience in USA doing this work? I am so terrified it makes me worse

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We do not allow our doctors to self-promote on our site, but here are the board certified doctors on our site who are qualified to perform Rhinoplasty.

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