How Many Facelifts Can U Have in a Life Time?

One ps said it was only 3 in a life time is this true .?Is it more difficult with each facelift u have ?

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Facelift and SMAS

With aging, one not only sags but there is loss of volume.  Although there is no limit as to the number of facelifts that an individual can have, many problems can be resolved by correcting volume loss as opposed to lifting.  Have a thorough examination by a Facial Plastic Surgeon to go over your options.

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Facelifts in a lifetime

I do not think that there is a specific number in terms of how manyh can you have. It really depends upon your results and quality of tissues.

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How Many Facelifts in a Lifetime?

  There is probably no limit.  I have done a 7th revision on a facelift.  As people are living longer, healthier, more productive lives, facelift revisions will continue to become more and more popular.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Facelift Los Angeles, CA

How many facelifts can a person undergo in their lifetime?

There is no upward limit on the number of facelifts a person can undergo. As long as the surgeon is conservative and plans the surgery to result in a natural appearance there should not be a problem with subsequent procedures. The key is to ensure that the patient has realistic expectations and motivations for seeking a second/ third facelift and that the surgeon believes that they can achieve an aesthetic result. The vast majority of facelift patients present seeking their first or second lift but subsequent surgery can be performed safely with good results if properly planned and performed. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Maximum number of facelifts in a lifetime...

The number of facelifts one can have in a lifetime is unclear.  In general, less is more and you want to get maximum benefit out of each operation.  The typical facelift "last" between 5 and 10 years before needing a refresher procedure.  However, some of the new "in office" procedures being heavily marketed around the country will only have benefit for a year or two or less.  So make sure you are comparing apples to apples when looking at the answer to this question.

How Many Facelifts Can U Have in a Life Time?

 As long as they are perform the Face Lifts with an understanding of the proper aesthetics, of facial beauty for the creation of a naturally more youthful and attrcative can have as many as are required.

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Number of facelifts

You can have as many facelifts as your skin laxity will allow.  With each subsequent facelift the difficulty is dependent on what are the aesthetic goals.  In some cases, a tuck up procedure may be all that is necessary.  In other cases, a full facelift may be required.  

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How many face lifts can one have in their lifetime?

With regard to face lift surgery, there is no specific limit on the number of procedures one can have in their lifetime.  Most patients will have the procedure preformed once.  Some patients will have a revision of their face lift approximately 10 to 15 years after their first face lift.  A few patients will have a third face lift 30 to 40 years following their first procedure. the necessity and timing of subsequent face lifts depends on the desires and rate of aging of each individual.  

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
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How Many Facelifts?

Having more than one facelift in one's lifetime is not unusual as long as they still make you look natural.  However, sometimes other procedures may avoid having more facelifts.  Facial aging is not only loose skin but loss of volume (fat) in the face.  Fat injections or the use of fillers such as Voluma may be all one needs to continue having a rejuvenated look.  A good plastic surgeon will certainly tell a patient when enough is enough in order to still have natural results.

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How Many Facelifts Can You Have in a Lifetime?

Thank you for a very good question.  The answer is dependent on several factors, but the most important is the strength and integrity of the tension bearing layer mobilized in a facelift, known as the SMAS.  If the SMAS has been treated appropriately, and has not been resected, further Facelifts down the road are possible.  Secondly, the capability of the skin to stretch is limited, so performing more than 3 Facelifts on an individual would be unusual.  Assuming that a well executed Facelift result lasts 10 years or so when performed by a skilled Facial Plastic Surgeon, the likelihood of needing or wanting a fourth Facelift is limited.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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