Scar Tissue After Neck Sculpting? (photo)

I had a neck sculpting on September 5th of this year. I went back to my doctor because I noticed that I am more swollen now than I was 4 weeks ago. My doc said I had developed some scar tissue in my neck, so he injected me with mixture steroids and chemo to break up scar the scar tissue. Then they did some ultra sound at the site. I had never heard of the chemo/steroid mix, what is the success rate for this? It's been 2 weeks, and I don't see much improvement, will this be permanent?

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Scar Tissue treatments and neck sculpting

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Cindy- I have used steroids and 5-FU chemotherapy for scar treatment and it can be quite effective. I agree with the other surgeon here- it would be good to know what kind of procedure you had done on your neck. I would make sure you follow up closely with whomever performed the procedure to help you through what can be a very emotional experience. If you are no longer comfortable with your original surgeon, ask around and find a board certified surgeon with expertise in scarring. Best, Dr S


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Scar Tissue After Neck Sculpting?

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Sorry for you issues in the neck operation. But still not sure what exactly was done? Lipo?, Ultrasonic/Vaser? Injections?, Smart Lipo?, what? Appears as scar bands from a poor choice of operation for your issue but no before photo posted. Seek other in person opinions. Yes have use a steroid-5FU mix. 

Neck lift should not leave noticeable scarring.

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I am sorry to sound pessimistic, but your pictures show a very difficult problem. I don't know what a chemo/steroid mixture is. I suggest getting two other opinions.

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