Dorsal hump (1 - 2) mm and a triangle nasal bone shape of right side has gone inside 1 mm after trauma. (photo)

I am asking about the thickness of bony dorsal hump. how many millimeters are available to rasp ? and is it possible to get the right side nasal bone back in the original place

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rhinoplasty candidate for a dorsal hump reduction

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 The dorsal hump shown in the photograph is 3-4 mm in height. It is composed of both bone and cartilage and it must be shaved and filed down to remove it. Once the hump has been removed, osteotomies of the nasal bones are required, and then a cast applied across the bridge. The rhinoplasty procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery, and anticipate 10 days of bruising and swelling after the procedure. For many examples and more information, please see the link below

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Nasal Trauma Corrections

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Through a closed rhinoplasty the dorsal bone can be reduced a few millimeters by rasping and the right nasal bone out fractured. The key question is whether what you want by rasping can create the change you want and whether the outfractured nasal bone can remain stable. (which is notoriously difficult to do) But your requests are reasonable to try as the changes you want do not appear to be too great.

Nasal Trauma

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The hump and bony irregularity  can be corrected with a limited rhinoplasty procedure. atural Select an experienced surgeon; you describe minor changes and want a natural result .

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One of the frustrating things in this venue is that we never know if "your right side" is "our right side". Sometimes the pics are from a mirror and reversed, other times not. Either very good quality labeled photos and/or exam would be beneficial for better advice. In general, a small about of bone can be rasped but there are other considerations in terms of shape and area etc.

Dorsal hump (1 - 2) mm and a triangle nasal bone shape of right side has gone inside 1 mm after trauma.

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   You would have to be examined to make a determination about what needs to be done.

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