Is the clear + brillant laser treatment safe on African American skin to help achieve an even skin tone?

I would like to even my skin tone, I have extremely large pores in my t-zone area & I was hoping some sort of laser treatment, such as a clear + brilliant laser treatment would be a good option? I have dark skin and I'm concerned about hyperpigmentation.

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You need a skincare program that addresses sebum

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from your picture, your pores are enlarged and skin very oily. Clear and brilliant will not address these issues. You need to see a dermatologist who understands how to control the oil glands on the skin; otherwise your skin can become prone to acne and rosacea. An aggressive skincare program and oral medications is the best route to control your skin issues NOT C + B. This gentle laser can be used as an adjunct to treatment but does not substitute for improving the consistency and quality of the skin first. 

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Clear and Brilliant for African Americans

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Hi Klicious18,

Fortunately, this is one of the best draws to Clear and Brilliant; that it is safe for all skin types! This laser treatment is attracted to water, not the pigmentation in the skin.  There is a small risk of hyperpigmentation involved any time we put heat into the skin. You could always talk with your provider about starting a skin regimen prior to treatment to help control the melanin in your skin and to help reduce the chance of any hyperpigmentation. You would start using the topical medication for several weeks prior to treatment (stopping ~2 weeks before laser,) and would resume for several weeks after the procedure.

Hope this helps!

Edward Stokes, MD
West Hollywood Physician
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Clear & Brilliant safe for all skin types

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Hi klicious18! That is correct, Clear & Brilliant would be a great option for you as this laser is completely safe for all skin types. For optimal results - you will need 5-6 treatments spaced two to four weeks apart. Combining these treatments with a topical skincare regimen such as Vitamin C, Retin-A, and hydroquinone will also provide great benefits. Hope this helps! 


Dr. Monika Kiripolsky

Monika Kiripolsky, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Clear & Brilliant

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The Clear and Brilliant would be a good option for you to safely address pores size and even out skin tone. While the Clear and Brilliant is very safe for all skin types, you should avoid sun exposure after each treatment to minimize the possibility of hyper-pigmentation. 

Be Well

Clear and Brilliant

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The wonderful benefit of C and B is that it is safe to use on any skin type, we have two machines and they stay busy all the time due to the spectacular results that patients see.

Edward J. Bednar, MD
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Clear + Brilliant is safe in all skin types

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Clear + Brilliant when performed by an experienced provider with the appropriate settings is safe in all skin types including the higher Fitzpatrick skin types. I often combine Clear + Brilliant with microneedling for best results. Since microneedling does not generate heat, the risk of hyperpigmentation with it is minimal and so it is even safer then most fractional lasers in darker skin types. 

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