Can you please explain the settings on Clear & Brilliant laser? How many passes should be done and should I start on high?

I have had fraxel several times back when they painted you blue. It helped my acne scars quire a bit. I still have mild shallow acne scars but I don't want the downtime or expense of the super deep lasers. Then I had the newer fraxel that doesn't hurt and it was a waste of time and money. The texture still isn't great but much improved from where I started. I know from experience laser settings matter. I'd like to understand the settings before I buy a package deal. Thank you!

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Clear and Brilliant settings...

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Thank you for your question.  The only settings that can be adjusted on the Clear and Brilliant are Low, Medium, and High.  The remainder of the settings are fixed at 140um/MTZ spot size.  The Clear and Brilliant original is a 1440nm fractional diode while the Permea is a 1927nm.  The newer Fraxel that you had was most likely the Dual, since it didn't hurt I assume they did the 1927nm handpiece which is for pigment and increasing permeability of the skin to topical products, it has little to no effect on texture.  For texture issues, the Solta lasers you would use are either the 1550nm Fraxel or the 1440nm C+B.  Regards, Dr. Matt Elias

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Standardised settings

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Clear and Brilliant is essentially a diode version of Fraxel Dual - with slightly different 1440- 1550 wavelength. The energy is fixed at 5 mj, HOWEVER the amount of passes can be variable. C+B is 4 times less powerful than Fraxel at the 1927 wavelength. For acne scars, the Fraxel 1550 is better. However since your last treatment with Fraxel (Blue Fraxel was nearly a decade ago!!!) times have move on, now there are many different devices including insulated RF micro needling and other lasers that can outperform the Fraxel system. All the best, Dr Davin Lim 

Clear + Brilliant laser settings

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Honestly, I recommend that you see a experienced laser physician and trust his/her settings. That being said, the Clear + Brilliant has a fixed spot size at 140 um and three difference treatment settings: low, medium, high. The low, medium and high settings determine depth and coverage for the Original handpiece and coverage only for the Permea handpiece. The depth is fixed at 170 um for Permea handpiece at all three settings. 

I would also consider the Fraxel 1550 nm  and microneedling for textural irregularity. Clear + Brilliant can be combined with microneedling. 

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