Is it possible to have no results at all after 6 weeks of treatment?

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No results 6 weeks after treatment?

We have found that many patients take 4 weeks to get back to their original contour and then see some shrinking and tightening over the following 2-3 months.  We have been using Kybella for the past 6 months and most patients have been thrilled with the improvement from their first treatment and have come back for a second treatment.  As in many things with plastic surgery, you may might not notice an improvement day to day, but then be surprised when you look at the photographs from before and after your treatment.  If there is fat to treat and enough Kybella was injected then you should see a change, but it may take time.  And maybe you were hoping for a bigger change.  Remember that most patients have 2-4 treatments to reach their goals.   I have heard from doctors lecturing about Kybella that most treatment "failures" they have seen have been from under-treatment and have responded to additional treatment with the proper dosage.  I would see your doctor at the 2 month mark and review photos from before and after.  The improvement that you see at 6 weeks will typically still be increasing over the next few months.  And most patients need at least 2 vials with a treatment to see enough of a change.

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Kybella results

With Kybella many patients see results after first treatment, and it requires few treatments to reach desired result. For some patients it takes more treatments, while for some it takes more time to actually notice any changes. On the other hand, there is a percentage of patients that did not experience any changes after Kybella. It usually takes over 4 weeks after the last treatment to see desired results. I would advise you to have a check up after 90 days of your last treatment and look over your before and after photos with your provider. You may see the change. Good luck

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Kybella results

I am assuming that you have only had one treatment during the 6 weeks? If so then yes, it is possible to not see results yet. I advise my patients that it will typically take between 2-4 sessions to see their final results. Hope this helps.


Kouros Azar

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No results 6 weeks after treatment

Absolutely. I frequently tell my patients not to expect much of a result after their first injectable cycle. I always ask that they commit to at least two, usually three treatments to achieve the maximal effect. 

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Results with Kybella

Thank you for your question!  Kybella works by dissolving fat which lies just below the skin underneath the chin and jawline.  As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle with good skin care, you should not see this fat return.  Because Kybella is FDA approved to dissolve fat cells, it is possible to have less than ideal results if there is no fat under the chin.  However, our office typically recommends two treatments for full effect, and this may be why you are not seeing a change, yet.  Be sure to discuss your concerns with your board certified injector, and look at your before and after photographs, as well.  I hope that this helps!-David Gilpin

David Gilpin, MD
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Kybella results

Thank you for your question depascalp. Kybella is the first and thus far only FDA approved non-surgical injectable treatment for the double chin. The pivotal studies demonstrated improvement after a series of 2-4 treatments. After one treatment usually some improvement is seen. This can only be  assessed with before and after photographs. In our office we take standardized photographs before each treatment. We also have all patients commit to at least two Kybella treatments. The results are assessed with photographs 6-8 weeks after the second treatment. At that point we decide if further improvement is desired. If so, more treatments can be done. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations.  Good luck!

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No results?

Yes, even with properly injected Kybella, this is possible. It depends on how much fat is present and the dose that is used. Usually if a large amount of tissue is present 2-3 vials are necessary. Most of my patients see the greatest change after the second treatment. I would go back in a discuss it with the clinician that performed your injections. Best, Dr. Norcom

Derek Norcom, MD
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Kybella results

Most patients require 2-4 treatment sessions using 1-3 vials each time. I tell patients to not judge their results until they have finished their entire treatment. That being said, you should see some improvement after an adequate (correct dosing) treatment at the 4-6 week mark.

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How many treatments with #Kybella ?

Dear depascalp:Of course it is possible you don't see much change with your first treatment. Most patients need two vials to see a significant change and you did not share how much was used. In addition, your expectations may be much greater than what a single treatment can deliver. Your physician has likely taken photos that you can review together. With the second treatment, especially if a larger dose is used, you should see a much greater change, and probably with much less swelling. Most of my patients have had two treatments, but all have seen a difference after the first, as I try to maximize the amount they receive in the first treatment for the same treatment cost.  All the best,   Dr. Clark

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Kybella results

Kybella uses deoxycholic acid to kill and permanently remove fat cells in the submental (double chin) area.  We recommend spacing treatments 6-8 weeks apart to allow for the inflammatory process to take place.  The treatment plan for Kybella varies from patient to patient, and it is difficult to answer your question without an assessment and photos.  While the study patients sometimes needed up to 6 treatments, we typically find that most patients see their result in 2-3 treatment sessions.  It is normal that you may not see noticeable improvement after one treatment, since 2-3 sessions are typically recommended.  I would advise you to return to your provider to compare your current status to your baseline photos.  They will likely recommend an additional 1-2 treatments,  but this should be discussed with your provider as you decide how to continue your treatment.

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