Is this the start of my final result for chin lipo? (Photos)

I am on day 16 post op for chin and neck lipo. The first week of post op you could really see the difference (first photo) and it felt super tight under my chin. Now, it seems as though the skin is relaxing and starting to look like it did before I received the surgery. (Second photo) I'm still very numb and a little sore and swollen in most areas and I am hoping this is not my final result but could it be? I wanted a defined chin, not what I had before. It is also a little lumpy if I press down

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Too Soon To Tell--Add Venus Legacy, Hyperbaric oxygen to aftercare

No, it is still too soon to tell. You may have swelling 3-6 months after your procedure. To speed up healing, you can try hyperbaric oxygen and venus legacy radiofrequency treatments.  We will often do a kyeblla and ultherapy about 4-6 weeks after neck lipo to get more outcome.   Best, Dr. Emer.

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Final results after liposuction

You're early results should be in a better indication of what your final results will look like.

You're now at your most swollen state and what you describe is common or typical.

Most people with fullness in their chin and neck area were not overweight, are young and have tight skin have some imbalance of their midface and Jaw.

Anatomically the maxilla is somewhat disproportionately larger than the mandible.

The perceived imbalance can be compensated by removing fat with liposuction like the procedure you had.

Perhaps this information is a relevant but most people who have fullness in their chin and neck don't have more fat there than other people.

This seems to be consistent with the pictures you have shown.

The bottom line is if you're happy with the results immediately after the procedure then my best guess is you'll be thrilled with the long-term results as well.


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