Is it normal that I still have severe pain 12 days after Bone Graft surgery?

I had bone graft surgery in my lower left for 2 missing teeth and the dentist used bone bank for the surgery. I was prescribed antibiotic and pain killers. However, It has been 12 days and the pain doesn't seem to alleviate. I went back to the dentist 8 days after the surgery to check if there are any problems and he said that it's healing well. I'm still having lots of pain after 12 days and the pain killers are not as effective as they initially were. I'm not sure if this normal.

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Pain after bone graft.

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It is normal to experience mild pain and discomfort over the surgical area for the first 2-4 days.  It is very unusual to be in pain two weeks after the procedure.  I would go back again and if the issue is not resolved seek out a second opinion.

Toronto Dentist

Pain almost 2 weeks after bone grafting

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This is not normal to have severe pain almost two weeks later after a bone graft. If your dentist says it's healing well, I would seek another opinion from an oral surgeon or periodontist if possible. Certainly, if you choose to wait, if you are still in pain in a week or two, then I would definitely find another specialist to help you. 

Herbert Veisman, DDS
Toronto Periodontist

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