Should I worry that top layer of Bone Graft will come out with stitches?

Extraction with bone graft on #15 48 hours ago. Stitches which have knot on the end have shifted to opposite side and appear to be hanging low. Looks like it will fall out.

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Bone graft falling out

It is a serious problem if the bone graft is coming out with the stitches.  Some particles of graft (similar to grains of sand) may come to the surface but there shouldn't be complete exposure of the site.  If the graft gets exposed to the oral environment too early it becomes very unpredictable.


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Bone graft

its my request to upload pic so i can guide u better. because u have to mention what kind/type of graft used.   if putty , in that case if stitch is open and graft is little coming out no need to worry [ its over 48hrs] because clot will hold graft material. if u feel any kind of pain in that area visit dentist, indicating infection. otherwise avoid aggressive cleaning of that area for next 5 days.

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