Blood clot after bone graft?

I had bone graft on the upper front part of my mouth (laterals) yesterday. My dentist shaved the top part of my dentures and put it back in right after surgery. Had some proteint shake, brushed lower teeth and drank lots of water. Now before going to bed, I took off my dentures and saw a ball of blood clot hanging from my gums where the surgery was. Is it normal? My dentist will be off tom. And now I'm panicking if I did something wrong.

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Blood around surgery site

It is quite normal to see some blood oozing from a surgical site for the first 24hours.  It is also normal to see some clotting.  This should clear up by the second day.   

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if clot is stable [ not moving] and attached at surgical site than no need to worry about that.  visit yr dentist .

Nirav Patel, MDS, PhD
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Blood clot

Its common to see blood when you remove a denture or retainer after a surgery so its nothing to worry about. Blood will clot near a surgery site, so that is completely normal. However it is important to go for a follow up appointment with your dentist to evaluate the area as soon as you can.

Mufaddal Kapadia, DDS
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