Feeling bloated and gassy after tummy tuck. (photos)

Hi I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair on September 7 2016 I will be 2 weeks post op September 21 2016 and I feel extremely bloated and gasy ! I have been putting on my compression garmet day and night I only take it off when I shower, I feel like every time I eat I feel bloated after ? Someone pleas tell me why. Thank you

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Bloating after TT

Thanks for the question. Congrats on having a TT, one of my most favorite procedures to perform. The other surgeons are right on the money with their responses. Just to clarify, general anesthesia+post op narcotic meds+not eating and drinking normally+not as active = constipation and feeling bloated. Secondly, by tightening your muscle, the amount of space in your abdominal compartment is much less after your TT, so most patients feel fuller quicker and there is less room in the abdomen for the intestines and organs. Good luck, you look great!!!

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Common symptoms after tummy tuck surgery

The bloating you are feeling may be a result of constipation. You should drink plenty of fluids high fiber foods and possibly a stool softener if this is the case. Many of my patients also feel full faster and some have felt bloated without being constipated. If this is the case, this is related to the muscle plication that was likely done in order to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. This improves with time. I would continue with the compression garment as instructed by your surgeon. You should address any of these concerns you have with your surgeon.

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Feeling bloated and gassy after tummy tuck.

Hey itss.lessliiee!  Looking great post op! Keep up with the compression as this will only help with fluid and swelling.  Try to start standing upright as much as you can and getting back into your daily activities.  You should have increased swelling at the end of the day. If you have not had a good bowel movement, this may be the culprit.  Make sure and take a stool softener and drink some Milk of Magnesia.  I recommend this to my patients especially after an Abdominoplasty.  Give it time to resolve, you are only 2 weeks out from surgery. Address concerns with your PS.  

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