Post tummy tuck seroma infection and now skin hardening. Conservative surgeon and feels it will heal with time. (Photo)

I had a Tummytuck done on 8/26. Post op complication of fluid, seroma, and infection. PS explored the incision site and drained fluid. Since then I've been probing and packing it. Multiple other sites have dehisced from degranulation. Now I have a large hardened area an inch above the umbilicus to an inch above incision. PS feels it's all fibrosis and applying US treatment. My concern is now about permanent changes and possible fat necrosis. Thank You

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Wound after tummy tuck surgery

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Sorry to read about your challenging recovery from tummy tuck surgery.  The most important priority at this stage is to ensure your wound heals.  While this can be frustrating and lengthy, its important to closely follow your surgeons post operative and wound management advice.  Keep your plastic surgeon advised of any changes that you notice.  Once your wound has healed, you should wait around 8 months or so to see your final results.

Wound after tummy tuck

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Hi.  Sorry you are having to deal with this.  The first step is to get all the open wounds to close.  Proper wound care will assist this process and hopefully allow you to avoid any other issue.  Once the wounds are closed, then your body will slowly start to mature all of these areas - both the external scars as well as the internal ones.  Over time, the firmness should improve.  After about 6 months, if you feel there is still a need for further improvement, then you can ask you PS to discuss options for revision.  But I would not suggest you try to push that now... it's best to wait.  Good luck!

TT wound healing issue

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Thank you for your question. At this moment first priority is about your wound and make sure it heals. I recommend to follow instructions from your PS for local wound care and re evaluate in about 6-8 months. 

Tummy tuck concern

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Thanks for your inquiry and sorry for your struggles, honestly the most important thing is to have your wounds heal first. After that give the body time.  Do not consider revision for at least six months and possibly after a year. Closely follow up with your surgeon and good luck.  


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Now that the incision is open and healing, it is best to just keep it clean and moist and let it close on its own.  It is true that this swelling will make the area hard.  That should soften with time and then you may want a revision of the scar.

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