I have cold sensitivity after a new crown 3 months ago. Should the crown be replaced?

What is causing this problem? The dentist touched several areas just below the new crown along the lateral gum area. One spot was VERY sensitive. At first she said the crown would need to be replaced.

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Sensitivity after #crown placement #DrSoftTouch

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I would recommend seeing your dentist if you are experiencing sensitivity with your crown. Several factors can cause pain/sensitivity after a crown including the crown being high, the crown not fitting properly or the inflamed nerves. It's important to visit your dentist as soon as possible to determine the cause of your sensitivity.  I hope this helps and follow me on RealSelf for more questions and answers.  

Sensitivity after crown placement

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You should see your dentist immediately if you are having dental pain/sensitivity.  There are several issues you may be having.  The crown could be high, meaning you're hitting on this tooth prematurely, which has caused your nerve to react and become inflamed.  Another reason you may be experiencing discomfort is that your crown was not seated properly.  Also, during the cementation process, if certain materials are left on too long it can cause long term sensitivity.  It's important to visit your dentist asap to have this taken care of.

Desiree Yazdan, DDS
Newport Beach Dentist

Crown need to be replace

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Hi,    Usually your dentists will take bite wing X-ray to determine if the crown sitting properly and sealing everything . Sometimes on X-ray can look Ok, however clinically by checking your mouth they can find open margin manually which will cause sensitivity . I hoped that's the case for you and you don't need a root canal which is also can be a unwanted down side of the crown procedure (15% of the cases with crown turn to root canal).   Hope this help and good luck !!            George Sahakyan DDS

George Sahakyan, DDS
Glendale Dentist

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