Invisalign bite ramps? Are they for attachments? (Photo)

Hi, so I have invisalign. And my ortho gave me a set of 10 trays until my next appointment. Anyway, I had no issues until recently. I had to switch aligners, and my next set look so different. Basically, there are bumps on the BACK of the front teeth of the trays. I went online and I guess they are called bite ramps. My question is: Am I supposed to get attachments on the back of my teeth now? For the bite ramps?

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Bite Ramps


You do not need attachments. Chances are you have a deep bite. The ramps are there to keep you from biting down all the way in order to open your bite and correct your deep bite. It's very common. Keep using the aligners 20-22 hours a day to get the best results.

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