How do I apply the dental wax? (photo)

After about a week with my first tray of Invisalign I got terrible canker sores. My orthodontist had suggested that should this happen, I am to use Colgate Peroxyl (which I have been doing, and is providing temporary relief) and use the dental wax that she provided me. The dental wax is in hard tube shaped forms (see photograph) and I haven't any idea on how/where to use it! How am I supposed to use the dental wax, and where shall I apply it? Any help is much appreciated, Thank you!

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Dental Wax and Mouth Sores

Sorry to hear of your mouth sores!
Apply the wax to the edge of the Aligner in the areas of the sores. The wax molds into the area and creates a new edge that is less irritating. The wax will not stay on for good and will then need to be reapplied.
It sounds like your tray(s) may be overextended and need to be polished back. This is not uncommon for Invisalign! The next time you see your orthodontist for the next set of aligners, have them try in the Aligners and show them where the gum irritations are located. Then, if they don't volunteer, ask them to polish those edges so as to eliminate the cause of the sores. It is a little more work for the dental office, but worth it for you.
And No, that will not compromise the integrity of the aligners.
Good Luck to You!

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Applying wax for Invisalign


The was needs to be applied to the Invisalign Aligner itself. It may not stay well and in most cases it will not stay long but it will give you  temporary relief. Take one strip and rub it on the aligners. You should contact your doctor for a prescription for the canker sores. 

Sid Molayem, DDS
Beverly Hills Orthodontist
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