Can I get rid of the bump on my forehead? (Photo)

Doctors and Surgeons around! Thanks for answering. I had this bump on my forehead since I was like around 7 years old, I fell on tile. Didn't bother me over the years until I was in 7th grade and just ignored it again. Now turning 18 in 2 months I'm just hating it more cosmetically and worried it might affect me as an adult. I'm thinking it could a cyst or some kind of bone fracture, maybe a blood clog! Help!

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Forehead bumps

Forehead bumps can be removed by a variety of methods.  Most commonly forehead bumps are either bone or fat.  The standard method of removing a forehead bump is via direct scar.  The best approach is an endoscopic approach removing the bump without a visible scar.  

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Treatment of bump on forehead?

The treatment for this will depend on what it is. It could be a cyst, osteoma, or excess bone from trauma, etc. We would need to have x-rays of this area to determine what it is and then take the appropriate treatment. I have removed many of these in the past and most turned out to be excess bone tissue which needs to be shaved.

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Can I get rid of the bump on my forehead?

In most cases, this is either a lipoma or an osteoma. Both can be removed during a brief in office procedure under local anesthesia. In most cases, osteomas can be removed with an incision hidden at the hairline while lipomas are removed with an incision sitting in a forehead crease overlying the lump.

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Forehead bump

Thank you for your question.  It's difficult to know from your photo, so an in person consultation would be necessary.  Sometimes imaging is also necessary to elucidate the exact cause of forehead bumps.  If it is bony, it can be shaved down with incisions placed behind the hair line (endoscopic).  If it is a fatty tumor (lipoma), it can also be removed either with a direct incision over the lump or endoscopically with incisions placed behind the hairline.  See someone in consultation who has experience dealing with these facial lesions and can guide you through the process.  All the best!

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Probably a lipoma

These are most likely a benign tumors composed of fat. They are unusual since they are below the muscle and next to the bone. Inexperienced doctors are reluctant to cut the muscle and miss them. Go to a Board Certified plastic surgeon and ask if he/she has done them before.

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Forehead lump

these are pretty common. It is known as an Osteoma Osteoma. It can be removed by filing it down through a small incision behind the hairline. I have done several of these under local  anesthesia and it takes about fifteen minutes.

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Removal of Bump on Forehead

The bump is most likely a cyst, fatty tumor or osteoma of the bone secondary to your previous trauma. All of these can be removed after diagnosis following examination and perhaps x-rays.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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