Invisalign for lower teeth crowding, is that a good choice? (photos)

Hello, I am looking for second opinion on my lower teeth crowding. I like my smile and I don't want to make major changes that will effect my face profile. is invisalign a good choice? how does my bite look? Does it look healthy or off? in terms on the space is extraction needed? or IPR? is there other ways to make space? How long should it take approximately? Thank you :)

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Invisalign is definitely a great option for you. Your bite looks good in the back but can use improvement in the front. This will happen when you line up the bottom from teeth. There are a few ways to make space: extraction, IPR, proclination (pushing the teeth forward). I do not recommend extraction in this case as it will end up leaving space between your top front teeth and your bottom front teeth in a horizontal direction. You also have to be careful pushing the teeth forward too much as the gums are very fragile in the bottom front area. IPR would be your best option, with the teeth coming forward enough to line up and establish a proper bite in the front. I would estimate 6-9 months (depends how many "additional aligners" you will need after the first set). 

Hope this helps!

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Crowded teeth

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My name is Dr. Ken Barton. I am a Board Certified Orthodontist, and an Invisalign Elite Provider. I maintain offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and throughout N.J. That being said, you are definitely an Invisalign candidate, and I have handled many, many cases such as yours, without either using  I.P.R., or extraction, to resolve your lower crowding. However, you can't see the forest for the trees. Your main concern, should not be the correction of your lower crowding, but rather your deep over-bite, Why is that correction so very, very important? The answer is that your  lower incisors are not meeting the inside surfaces of your upper front teeth but rather  impinging on your gums, behind your teeth. This is extremely deleterious, as you are only biting on your back teeth, causing them undue pressure, resulting either in tooth wear bone loss ,and T.M.J. problems. Choose a doctor carefully. He should only practice Orthodontics , and  be an Elite provider. Good luck.

Kenneth A. Barton, DDS
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Options for lower Crowding

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The general appearance of your bite and smile line look good.  It is hard to tell from the photos but there is most likely a midline shift toward the left of the facial midline due to the missing bicuspid.

If your main concern is your lower arch crowding, then there are several options you may want to consider. If you are looking for cosmetic options to align your teeth, Invisalign® or lingual treatment options are a consideration.  There are some specialty lingual techniques available but are not provided by many practices that provide orthodontic treatment (see attached video). Personally I would not remove a tooth in your case but would recommend a slight amount of IPR.  For a case like yours, I would estimate total treatment time to be 8 to 10 months to align the lower anterior teeth.

I hope this information was helpful.

Dr. Cassalia

Benjamin Cassalia, DMD, MSD
Doylestown Orthodontist

Invisalign for lower arch only

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Hi, your top teeth look good and perfect in line. To just get the lower teeth straightened, it can be challenging. It is possible with side reduction on all lower teeth to allow the crowded teeth to fall in line.It is possible with invisalign.Hope that helps.

Second Opinion

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Great questions--the challenge is that you are missing a bicuspid on  the one side on the upper arch. That said, a conservative plan would be to expand the arches slightly and slim some of the lower teeth to create some room as well. You could also consider a  slight space on the upper side missing the tooth and add tooth structure with composite or porcelain to stabilize.  Invisalign would be a great choice--I would guess 12-14 months treatment. All this would be finalized in your clincheck. Good luck!

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