Do bonded teeth show up on your dental X-Rays?

I had a minor chipped tooth about 10 years ago and I can't remember what the dentist did to fix it. I called and they looked at my x rays and they said I didn't have a filling on the front tooth that was chipped. So does that mean it's just my natural tooth and there's no filling/bonding? Or would my dentist not know if my tooth was bonded just by looking at the X-Rays? I do use a different dentist since I had the tooth fixed.. But my new dentist has multiple X Rays of mine. Thanks in advance!

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If the filling material used was older, it will typically appear darker on the X-ray

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Thanks for your inquiry.  Modern bonding materials (composite resins) will typically show up on X-rays (they appear whitish/greyish).  If the filling material used was older, it will typically appear darker on the X-ray (dark grey or black).  Either way, if the bonding is very small or thin, it may be more difficult to identify on an X-ray.  The doctor's notes and written records from the office should indicate what exactly was done, so that may provide a better answer than the X-rays.  Also, if the dentist looks at the teeth carefully, they should be able to tell.  Sometimes it's difficult, especially with modern materials that are very life-like. However, drying the teeth thoroughly and providing good lighting will often help dentists identify natural tooth structure from bonding material.  

It depends on location and filling material.

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Most modern resin composites used in bonding do show up on an x ray. However, previous generations of material did not. If it was placed long ago it is possible that the filling material used would not show up on an x ray. 

The old office should have notes on what procedures were done, rather than just looking on x rays. Your new dentist should also be able to tell whether it is bonded or natural just be looking at it. 

B. Curtis Neal, DDS
Lansing Dentist

Bonding material on xray.

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its completely depends on filling material used. for eg. silver filling is clearly visible on xrays but some kind of composites r not at all.

Does bonding show up on X-ray

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Normally bonding shows up on X-rays.  Depending on the bonding material and the size of the bonding there are times it would be more difficult to detect the bonding on X-rays.


Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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