Should I go for dental bonding or invisible aligners for my front teeth? (Photo)

I know it's pretty small gap (but I don't what to call this because technically there is no gap). I'm attaching teeth image and x-ray snippet. Please advise me some permanent and best way to deal with this issue

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Invisaling VZ Bonding

Hi thanks for your question. Personally i recommended natural teeth and the best way to correct your space is with appliances (invisaling or braces). Eather way bonding or veneers could be a good option for you but never discart to work on your own teeth first, maybe is a longer process but at the end is healthier hat faster proces as bonding and veneers.

God luck! i hope it helps.

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Bonding vs Invisalign

Bonding is the most conservative and least expensive treatment, if it is done properly it  is a long lasting esthetic solution. Invisalign is a great option as well, just keep in mind that the long term retainers (fixed or removable) are a must after any orthodontic teeth movement.

David J. Poiman, DMD
New York Dentist

Bonding or Invisalign

I would recommend Invisalign, as it will close the gap and also straighten your lower teeth.  Although they are not too crowded now, they will continue to get more crowded as the years go by.  To correct today, you would be looking at a short term Invisalign Express.  By doing this, you will have stable, healthy teeth.  If you are just concerned about the gap, bonding would be a quick fix, but will need to be touched up or replaced periodically.

Gary Braunstein, DDS
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Dental bonding or aligner

Closing gaps between teeth can be done by either bonding, veneers, crowns, or orthodontic treatment, including aligners. The cost and durability certainly differ. Bonding would be the least costly but tends to last the least. Aligners can benefit you if the teeth are tilted or slightly rotated.

Yasser A. Elseweifi, DDS
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Bonding or Invisalign

That's an easy answer. If you want you're teeth to be straight, you should have Invisalign or some kind of braces. If you just want the "gap" closed between your front teeth, bonding is your answer. 

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