I have a gap around 4mm in my front teeth. What is the quickest long term solution to remove the gap? (photo)

I am 33 years old. My upper front teeth have a gap And upper 4 teeth are slightly forward too. I want a quick solution to fill the gap. My dentist has suggested a bridge, which will require extraction of 2 of my front teeth and this is making me very skeptical. Please suggest if this is the best option for me. Is there any other quick way of filling the gap?

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Quickest long term solution to fill 4mm gap between front teeth?

The best long term solutuion would be Invisalign or orthodontics to close spaces and straighten and realign you upper and lower front teeth.   The best quicker long term solution would be Invisalign Express 5 aligners to move front teeth closer together leaving 2mm gap.  This would take 5 weeks with new Invisalign protocol of wearing each  aligner for 1 week.  Then placement of either 4 porcelain veneers(less invasive) or 4 porcelain crowns to close spaces and get ideal esthetics(best width/length ratios for front four teeth). 

For quicker results, 4 porcelain crowns or 4 porcelain veneers could close the space, but central incisors would be a little wider.  2 porcelain crowns or 2 porcelain veneers could also close the space, but the central incisors would be even wider.  

To get an idea of how wide teeth would look without Invisalign,  have your dentist do a mockup with composite to give you a preview. This might help you in making a decision.  

Whatever you do, do not have your front two teeth extracted unless they have severe bone loss(would need to see x rays to evaluate).  

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Quickest long term solution

r u looking for quickest? or long term? solution. simple - quickest is veneers and long term is braces/aligners.

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Front gap, long term solution


My suggestion is to get 4 upper and 4 lower porcelain veneers to close the gap on top and redistribute the space between 4 teeth.  Also by doing 4 lower veneers the teeth can be straightened out and moved back a bit which will create a more natural beautiful smile.  

Please consult a top cosmetic dentist to make sure the color match and countor of the teeth will be as natural as possible.


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