Looking for more info on a "severely atypical compound melanocytic nevus."

On July 7, a dermatologist removed a small freckle/mole from my left calf. It was about 2 mm in diameter. It came back as severely atypical. It was dark but not too asymmetrical. I'm going to get a re-excision tomorrow. I am now extremely worried about other small freckles on my body and about melanoma. In addition, this abnormal mole was located on my calf, which has no pigment (I was born without pigment there). I try to stay out of the sun and have never been in a tanning bed. Help! I'm freaking out.

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Severely atypical moles

Dysplastic Moles or atypical moles are really quite common.  There is a great deal of literature published about these moles by the American Academy of Dermatology or on the Dermatology Foundation web site.  These moles are genetic and tend to make one more predisposed to skin cancer, especially melanoma.  Please see a board certified dermatology twice a year for routine skin exams.

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