What is the fleshy lump at end of my scar? (photo)

I had two moles removed 14 days ago and have noticed a fleshy lump at top of my lower scar. It's not sore or red but is noticeable. Is this related to the scar? Also will my stitch marks fade from the top scar? Thanks

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What is the fleshy lump at end of my scar?

The fleshy lump is a combination of swelling and a tiny bunching of the skin called a "dog ear".  Scar massage and time should allow it to flatten nicely.  The alternative would be to extend the scar, which would not be desirable.  Best of luck.  

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Standing cone

The elevations are called "standing cones" or "dog ears".  Some people will refer to them only as standing cones when the sides are equal and "dog ears" when there is asymmetry.  It only is important to the surgeon as the technique to deal with each is different.  In any case, these will settle out over the course of the next few weeks.  In regards to the suture marks, they will improve as well.  Generally suture on the face should be removed from 5-7 days after placement to prevent "railroad tracking".  Regardless, you appear fair skinned and in general, the marks will fade out over time to be very acceptable.  If not, you can always treat the unacceptable scars with a fractionated laser to camoflage it.

Sirius K. Yoo, MD
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Dog ear

it looks you are concerned about a small dog ear at the end of the scar. Since it is small and you are early after surgery, it may flatten with time.
As for the suture marks, if the stitches stayed in more than 7 days the marks will not disappear

Samir Shureih, MD
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