Is It Safe to Have a Surgery Done for Removing my Epicanthic Fold? (photo)

I really dislike the way my eyes begin which is the cause of having the epicanthic fold. Also is it true that if I do get the surgery done, I will be left with a noticeable scar on both eyes? and what's the cost for having this procedure done? I'm a 18 yea old hispanic man btw...... Thank You!

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Many ways to release the epicanthal fold...

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and if you really dislike yours and are willing to accept the potential for scars and asymmetry, see a local plastic or oculoplastic surgeon who can guide you through your choices.

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Congenital epicanthal fold easily corrected with eyelid surgery.

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Over several describe techniques for correction of epicanthal folds. I personally use the "leaping man" multiple flap closure for correction and find that it works consistently well.

No it is not "safe" to have this procedure.

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If by safe you mean that there there are not adverse consequences of the procedure or that the foreseeable scars that will be produced by the surgery will be hidden, then no this procedure is not safe.  Unfortunately even the very best scars created by this procedure will be visible.  By the way, Z-plasty is not an ideal approach for this issue.  I prefer the method described by Park.

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Treatment of epicanthal folds

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You do have prominent epicanthal folds.  The only treatment would be surgery, which would be a form of "Z-plasty" to flatten the area.  Of course, there will be resultant scars, which will be pink for a while but which will ultimately fade to white.


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