Is It Safe to Use Nair on the Face While Taking Accutane?

Because waxing on Accutane is unsafe, are other hair-removal methods, like Nair or Veet, also unsafe to use while undergoing a round of Accutane?

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Use of depilatory on the face while on Accutane

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I would avoid use of all irritating products on the face during treatment with Accutane. Patients are very susceptible to dryness and irritation, and the epidermis is sensitive to injury--avoid waxing as you so noted above. Use of astringents, harsh soaps, alcohol, as well as depilatories on the face should be avoided during treatment.  Be sure to use plenty of moisturizers.

Las Vegas Dermatologist

Nair or Veet and Accutane

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Not necessarily, but Accutane does tend to make your skin very dry which will cause irritation with using Nair or Veet. You might want to try a very small area first...and know that the lip area really isn't recommended for these products!

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