Damaged Accutane Pills?

I just picked up my latest 1-month supply of Accutane, and I noticed some of the pills look "damaged," i.e. some of them look like they have air bubbles on the orange external shell. This was a normal prescription pick up from a Walgreens with no extreme temperature exposure to the pills. Trying to now decide if I should take them back, but understand it can be difficult to deal insurance to replace a 1-month supply. Has this been heard of before and do I need to worry about it?

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Damaged Accutane Pills

There are some abnormal pills at times, but if it's a whole box, you might want to consider taking it back to the Walgreens and asking them what to do. They usually have a number to call the manufacturer to handle it without going through insurance issues. Though it's most likely nothing to be concerned about, both the Walgreens and the manufacturer should ultimately make the call on if the pills are at all compromised.

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