Can stitches be left inside the mouth without issues? (Photo)

I had a bone graft in my mouth on teeth 7 and 10 3 weeks ago. 2 days ago I had all of my stitches removed except one stitch left in the roof of my mouth. There's no knot to cut or visible other side of the stitch. I tried to see if I could gently pull it out and it hurt badly once i tried and felt like it was pulling on something deep into my gums. It's really scaring me bc I'm thinking about all these crazy possible issues. What are the realistic issues with a stitch being left in my mouth.

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How long should stitches last

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most surgeons use resorbable sutures.  Most surgeons use resorbable sutures. Depending upon the type of suture used, it can take anywhere from 1 to  several weeks to resorb. If you find that a piece of suture is loose and annoying, then you should visit your dentist to have it removed, or at least trimmed back. I hope you found this information  to be helpful, Dr. Champagne 

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Remove if still there in 1 week

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Minor issue. Don't worry. If it is desolvable suture material, it will come out in a few more days.  If not, then call your surgeon, and they will remove it if it is still there a week from now.

Stitches for oral surgery

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sometimes stitches are kept for longer than 2 weeks depending on proceduresJust keep the site clean The next time you see your surgeon they will take it out If you are concerened, make an appointment to see him/ her sooner 

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