How Long Does It Take for the Capsule to Dissolve Back into the Body After Breast Implant Removal?

How long does it take for the capsule to dissolve back into the body after breast implant removal?

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It doesn't.....

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Breast implants always are associated with the formation of a capsule. Some capsules are more thick and firm than others. When implants are removed all but the softest capsules should be removed at least in part to allow the breast to remain soft. The capsule does not vanish if not removed. My video below shows a firm calcified silicone gel capsule that was removed at the time of implant removal.


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If the capsule is removed it increases the risk of bleeding.  If a silicone gel implant has ruptured then removal of the capsule would be recommended otherwise I would leave it alone unless it was calcified.  If there is distortion of the breast after implant removal may also be a reason to remove the capsule.  The capsule probably never fully gets resorbed and refinements will be there for a long time.  This would not cause a health risk. 

Breast capsule

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The breast capsule is a response to the implant. Unless it is removed surgically, it always stays in some form.

Capsules Permanent after Implant Removal?

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Thank you for the question.

The breast implant capsule does not “dissolve”. it will remain in place permanently but should not cause any problems for patients after breast implant removal. If breast implant capsules are soft and asymptomatic,  their removal is not necessary during implant removal.

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What happens to The Breast Implant Scar ( Capsule) after Breast impant removal or exchange?

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In removing breast implants, especially silicone gel filled implants, plastic surgeons remove much of the scar (capsule) around the implants. However, there is no reason for complete removal of the scar tissue. As a result some scar tissue is always left behind to avoid unnecessary injury to adjacent tissues. Scar tissue is permanent.  It may be modified with time but remains part of the breast tissue and softens with time. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Capsule fate after implant removal

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The capsule never "melts" or "dissolves" back into the body after implant removal.  It either stays open as a pocket forever or the sides stick totally or partially to each other in healing.

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