What are good healing creams to use after tummy tuck?

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What are good healing creams to use after tummy tuck?

In over 3 decades of practice we have used a lot of different scar treatments. My favorite at this point is called BioCorneum and your surgeon can order it for you.

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Thanks for the great question! In my practice we use a scar cream called Biocorneum. It's great because it's silicone based which has been shown to help with scarring. Another benefit is the it has SPF protection in it to help prevent your scars from darkening with exposure to the sun. I have patients begin using it one week after surgery, then for at least 3 months post op. Ideally I would like them to use it for 6-12 months after surgery for optimal scarring. I hope this helps!

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Scar Recovery Gel

I have tried almost everything out there on patients over the past 20 years and in my experience I think that a relatively new product called Scar Recovery Gel is the most effective product in minimizing the appearance of scars. It is available without a prescription but usually only available through a physicians office. I will usually recommend it for all patients and have them begin applying it to a new healing scar within a week of surgery. Consult with your plastic surgeon regarding specific instructions for your particular case.

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Tummy tuck scar treatement

Great question.  None of the available cream products have any evidence that they work on improving scar appearance after a tummy tuck.  Embrace scar therapy is the currently the best way to minimize scar appearance after a tummy tuck.  It works by pulling together the two edges of the incision.  It is applied by your plastic surgeon or your can apply it yourself every 7-10 days for about 8 weeks starting week 2 after your tummy tuck.

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