Rollercoasters After Septorhinoplasty

Okay. I asked a question to see what other surgeons had to say. I am going away soon, by then will be 9/10 weeks post op. I already asked my surgeon, he says it's fineto go on rollercoaster rides. After 6 to 8 weeks thebone is healed. So really, why is it that surgeons on here say I can't and should be careful. If I can't by 6 to 8 weeks when the bones have healed. Then I never will My nose job was not by choice, was health reasons on NHS. I feel I have to be careful all my life now

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The roller coaster is fine after rhinoplasty

After four weeks your nose is well healed and you should be able to participate in non contact sports, and the roller coaster if you wish. I have not heard of any bloody noses from the roller coaster and you should be fine.

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Rollercoaster rides

Rollercoasters are great.  I love them!  As for healing and rollercoasters, the big concern is that the nose will hit the bar on the front of the rollercoaster causing unnecessary trauma to the healing nose.   The head being jolted forward and backwards is not ideal in the first 4 weeks after rhinoseptoplasty.   By 9 weeks, all should be good.  It is no different than the tennis player asking whether or not they can play tennis after rhinoplasty.   The same answer applies.   Be careful at net!

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Roller coaster ride following Rhinoplasty

I always tell my patients I would treat them the same as a family member and I would not suggest my daughter to ride roller coasters following a rhinoplasty for multiple reasons. First of all while the bones are healed the nose is not completely healed and you have swelling that will last up to an entire year. The gravitational forces and spinning upside down and the possible chance of trauma do to hitting it are all reasons I would suggest no. The statement that if you can't after six to eight weeks that you never will be able to is not true. My many patients including my daughter and my wife have all had rhinoplasty surgery and enjoy riding roller coasters just not during the healing phase. Best regards!

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