Any treatment for rosacea veins besides IPL laser?

Had IPL laser done and it aggravated my skin more. Stayed inflamed, red and burning for weeks.

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Radiowave Treatments Work Well For Telangiectasias ("Broken Blood Vessels") On The Face

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So-called 'broken capillaries" (more correctly known as telangiectasias, since they are actually permanently dilated small vessels rather than broken ones) are a common manifestation of rosacea. They can be treated by both radiowave therapy and sclerotherapy. Radiowave therapy uses a device that sends radiowaves into the vessel causing heating and destruction of the undesirable vessels. Sclerotherapy accomplishes the same thing but by injecting an irritating solution, such as high concentration salt (and other types of materials) collectively referred to as sclerosants, since they effectively causing scarring, shrinkage and elimination of the unwanted vessels. I have not been impressed by IPL and lasers for this purpose. When background redness and flushing are a problem, Mirvaso, a recently approved prescription vasoconstrictor product, can be extremely helpful, as is dermatologic treatment of the underlying rosacea problem that leads to the development of flushing and broken blood vessels.

Despite the plethora of laser hype, Radiowave treatment as described above or electrodessication are considered the treatments of choice for facial telangiectasias. In general, sclerotherapy is far more commonly used for treating the tiny "spider veins" which are common on the lower extremities.That having been said, I have had good success, especially when treating larger telangiectases on the nose, with the use of sclerosing solution.

Naturally, you would do well to seek the services of a board certified dermatologist with experience with all the current modalities for treating the underlying and predisposing rosacea as well as the blood vessel problems that result.

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Any treatment for rosacea veins besides IPL laser?

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Rosacea is a chronic medical condition that can benefit from certain types of treatments but will likely not ever fully go away. IPL can often help minimize it but its best you see an experienced provider who treats rosacea often I recommend you continue to follow up with your provider and do what they feel is best for your current state of Rosacea.

How to treat rosacea without IPL

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Rosacea can be a persistent problem. You need to see a good dermatologist. There are many IPLs and machines that effectively treat and control rosacea. But it has to be the correct wavelength and light. There are also some good medications that can help control it, along with these types of treatments. Book an appointment with a board-certified physician in your area who works with a lot of rosacea patients. You can look on the National Rosacea Society website for specialists in your area.

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