Are my wounds healing properly after 1 month post-op? (photos)

I had a lateral thigh lift on June 17. Immediately following surgery BP dropped to 60/40 and the nurse noticed some blood clots through the drainage on my right thigh. My PS said that I had some internal bleeding and had to reopen the right thigh to stop the bleeding. The left thigh looks pretty good but the right thigh that had to be reopened doesn't look good at all. Should I begin to worry at this point or based on my pics they are healing as expected? Please Help!

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You are having some delayed healing, but the good news is that it should heal and the scar can be easily fixed later. Keep following up with your PS and hang in there. The body has an amazing capacity to repair itself.

Lateral thigh lift - not healed after a month

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Thank you for asking about your thigh lift.
  • I am sorry you had bleeding after surgery but really glad that's behind you now.
  • You appear to have an open wound with what doctor's call hypertrophic granulation tissue
  • (This just means over-healing of internal tissues.)
  • You need to see your surgeon to have this treated - otherwise your skin can't heal over it.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Wound healing problems following an inner thigh lift

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You are certainly having some degree of wound healing problems.  This can be adequately managed by your plastic surgeon.  This is an area that is prone to wound separation with proper care it will heal and if it leaves an excessive scar it can be revised in the future. 

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