How to Get Rid of Tribal Marks on the Cheek?

i have had them all my life. i have 2 on the right side of my cheek and 1 on the left side. they sometimes fade when i take pictures.

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Removal of tribal marks

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Tribal marks are usually made with various pigments placed into the dermis. The best option for removal is a q-switched laser. Caution will have to be used with your skin type so as to not cause hypopigmentation. I hope this information helps.

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Getting Rid of Tribal Marks on the Cheeks

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The best way to get rid of tribal marks on the skin will depend on if the mark (scar) is raised, as in a keloid or depressed. Your tribal marks look like depressed scars, though I cannot tell from the picture how deep and how long they are.

Your best treatment option would be a laser resurfacing treatment like the TotalFX CO2 fractional resurfacing treatment. It combines DeepFX for collagen stimulation and smoothing out wrinkles and deep scars  as well as ActiveFX  for correction of textural and pigmentary changes.

Depending on the depth of your scars, you would need multiple treatments.  

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