Can You Still Get Rid of a Scar That Has Been Sunburnt?

In 2008 I had my thyroid removed which left me with a huge scar.It was hypertropic and I received steroid injections for that which helped to a point but it is still a prominent scar.Unfortunately today being out in the sun I did not repeatedly apply sunscreen to it and it got somewhat burnt and is now red.I am very afraid that it won't go away now and I really would like it to fade and go away.Is there anything that I can do to help make it go away?

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Pulsed dye laser for red surgical scars from a thyroid procedure

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Pulsed dye laser and surgical scar revision will work well for the scars in order to improve the red color. 

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Sunburn on your scar

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Your sunburn should resolve like it does on all other parts of your body.  The greatest risk to you is that if your scar is relatively new it could heal with a darker tan like change called postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.  This can be improved with prescription strength bleaching creams.  As you know, the best is avoid these burns in the first place!

Shawn Allen, MD
Boulder Dermatologist

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