Temporary Hair Loss from Rhinoplasty?

Is there a relation between Rhinoplasty and temporary hair loss or Telogen Effluvium ( hair loss that may result from anesthesia or general stress of the surgical process)?

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Hair Loss with Rhinoplasty

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Although it is possible to have telogen effluvium after any significant stress, I've never seen or heard of this after rhinoplasty. The psychological or physical trauma is usually more severe than nasal surgery. We see a lot of men for hair loss, but your's is an unusual story. I would talk to a physician experienced in evaluating and treating hair loss. It may be helpful to use medicines. such as Propecia or Rogaine.

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Surgery must be significant to cause hair loss

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In order for hair loss to be related to your surgery, the stress from surgery has to be significant. Although all surgery is stressful, it is unlikely that this surgery plays any role in your loss of hair. Perhaps you can see your internist to rule out any underlying problems that are causing your hair loss.

I have never seen hair loss occur because of rhinoplasty

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Though one may have telogen with any stress or surgery, I personally have never seen this happen in more than 30 years of surgery. Usually the stress that causes this has to be profound, like a battle situation etc. A large part of our practice deals with hair loss, and I have not seen a patient done elsewhere with this problem.

Toby Mayer, MD
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