Will my Rhinoplasty Swelling Go Down?

I had rhinoplasty just under two weeks ago and have had my splint off three days ago. While I am happy with the overall shape of my nose I have two things that are worrying me - the tip of my nose is asymmetric and crooked and appears to be a 'golf club type shape' (this is the best way I can describe it) or almost as if there is a small pea to one side of the tip. My nurse says that this is due to swelling and that the incision point inside my nostril (the same side as the 'pea') is swollen. I can see a small red lump inside this nostril at the incision point. I am sure it is swelling but I am extremely panicked as this wasn't there before. Also, while the majority of the lump that was on the tip has been removed I still have a tiny lump left. My nurse tells me that this is due to my bone being swollen. Like I say, I had the splint off three days ago. Also Im being told that I shouldnt see my surgeon for six weeks and am asking these questions to my nurse.

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Recovery and swelling from a nose job

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In response to your questions, first you should be able to see your surgeon any time!!! If there are questions of concerns, these needs to be addresed by the surgeon that has performed the procedure.

Without seeing you or seeing the operative report I can not comment on the shape and size of the tip of your nose. However often times there are sutures that cause irritation inside the nose and do take some time to resolve. The swelling also does take time to resolve, but again, that is why it is important to see the surgeon so that he can advise wheather there is some abnormal swelling or not.

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