Is 1 Week Enough Recovery Time for Rhinoplasty?

I'm getting Rhinoplasty in 3 days. I return to school 1 week after the surgery. Is that enough time to heal?

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Returning to work 1 week following rhinoplasty.

We generally recommend that you take a week off work and avoid strenuous physical activity for three weeks. Contact sports must be avoided for 3 months. Certain splints/dressings may be required during the first week.

Nasal surgery produces moderate discomfort which can be controlled by medication. You will be asked to keep your head elevated and apply cold compresses to your eyes to reduce postoperative bruising and swelling. After about one week, the splint is removed. Much of the swelling and discoloration will have disappeared by that time but the duration of these factors varies. The early results of this surgery are evident in two to three weeks and are usually quite gratifying. However, you will continue to notice an improvement in the contour and form of your nose for six to twelve months as the last remnants of the swelling disappear.

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Okay to return to school or work one week after rhinoplasty

One week is an acceptable time to return to school or work after the rhinoplasty surgery. Full healing, obviously, has not taken effect, and there could be residual swelling and bruising around the nose that may be detectable. It is still acceptable to go to school with some residual bruising and swelling.

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Healing after Rhinoplasty

Healing after a rhinoplasty will take months. However, swelling and bruising will have resolved enough that  it will not be noticeable to most people, especially with the help of a little make-up. Physical activities should be limited so you don't traumatize the nose.   You'll do fine.

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Most patients can pass the "bus stop test" within two weeks.

The most obvious short-term evidence that a patient has had a rhinoplasty is the bruising around the eyelids and the swelling. While everyone heals a little differently, I usually tell my patients that within two weeks most of them can pass what I call "the bus stop test." This means that they could stand next to someone at a bus stop and the person wouldn't look over and think, "Whoa! What happened to that guy?"

One week might be pushing it in terms of time-frame if you really want to be discreet.

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Many things can be done to lessen the recovery time following a rhinoplasty

There are different times for recovery for each individual. You may expect some bruising under your eyes. This may last for a week or so. There are many things that you can do in a proactive manner to decrease your bruising and thus decrease your healing time. There will be a splint on your nose for the first week. Avoid aspirin and aspirin containing products for two weeks prior to surgery, try a product that contains arnica such as Sineech, elevation and ice following surgery also helps

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Healing after rhinoplasty typically takes a few weeks

Hi there,

Healing for any facial cosmetic procedure typically takes weeks for the swelling and bruising to substantially subside, and rhinoplasty is not an exception.

Rhinoplasty often involves breaking the nasal bones to reset their location, and this manoever often produces bruising under the eyes that can take up to two weeks to dissipate. The swelling of rhinoplasty also may take about two weeks to subside to the point where the average onlooker would not notice. Also, the nasal splint (cast) is usually left for one week, but after it is removed, the nose may need to be taped in places for another week.

And so if your surgeon is planning osteotomies (breaking the bones of the nose), then you should be prepared for a few weeks of bruising/swelling. However, If you are having a rhinoplasty that does not involve breaking the nasal bones, you may be able to avoid the more substantial bruising/swelling and get away with returning to school in a week. (As long as you don't mind a little bit of swelling and showing up to class with tape on your nose)

Good luck!

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Most of the time - yes


The vast majority of patients take only one week off to heal after their Rhinoplasty. Obviously the nose takes a year or more to heal thoroughly but within about 10 days after surgery, the nose should look decent enough for most people not to recognize you had surgery. This again depends on your nose, your healing and your surgeon's skills. But most patients only take one week off work or school. The nose is 70-90% done healing by 3 months and the remaining 10% takes 1,2 or even 3 years or more.

Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS
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Healed from Rhinoplasty in a week

Dear Twi_vamp,

After one week your splint will probably be off and if your surgeon uses packing it will probably be out. You are still in the early healing phase. although your nose may look good it is still possible for the next 3-5 weeks to re-break the nose and cause it to shift. The swelling will still be present and the bruising may last for a while.

With my patients I advise them to avoid crowds for at least 4 weeks and sun for 8 weeks. I also advise them that the final result can take from 6 months to one year.

I hope this helps you but I would definitely sit down and talk to your plastic surgeon about this or call the office to speak with one of the nurses. Good luck on your surgery.

Yes, 1 week is enough recovery time for Rhinoplasty

Your nose will be a little swollen, but you should be going about your daily affairs without any difficulty. Obviously, keep your nose out of harm's way. Final aesthetic result usually takes a few months.

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