Radix Graft for Rhinoplasty

Does a radix graft make your eyes look closer together in the front? I ask because I'm considering a secondary Rhinoplasty to lengthen my nose and I may need a radix graft. I have close-set eyes and I don't want to further botch my frontal appearance because I'm getting a secondary Rhinoplasty to IMPROVE my frontal appearance. Thanks!

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Depends on several factors

It is quite difficult to answer the question without seeing a photo. Lengthening the nose can be done several ways depending on what the problem is. If someone needs a radix graft, this is determined by the profile view as well as width of the face, eye width, etc. See a revision rhinoplasty specialist to give you the answer to the multifaceted issues involved.

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Your bridge won't look quite as washed out

You asked a very good question about nasal aesthetics and the impact of grafting on different views. It is true that a washed out nasal bridge can give the sense that your eyes are farther apart. Conversely, adding height to the bridge can theoretically give the sense that eyes are drawn closer together.

But (and this a big but here), you must think about where you are coming from. If your bridge was taken down too low during a previous surgery and you are considering adding back some natural height and length to balance your nose, then the impact of a radix graft on the appearance of your eye width will be minimal. On the other hand, improving a washed out appearance of your bridge would have the effect of creating more nasal narrowing and refinement from the frontal view. And, this is hopefully what you're trying to accomplish.

Best of luck with your revision.

Jason Litner, MD
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Radix grafts and apparent eye position

A radix graft, if high enough, can give the appearance of the eyes being close together. However, in my experience, the shadow effect that results in this optical illusion is created with quite a high graft--only in unusual situations does this occur. In some cases, such as on 3/4 view, the effect may be opposite. So, this will vary with your facial form and should be brought up as a concern with your revision rhinoplasty surgeon. In general, we use a radix graft when the overall effect on nose (and facial) form outweighs any untoward effects...

Hope this helps,

Dr. Sam Most

Sam Most, MD
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Radix grafts

You are correct in assuming by adding prominence to the space between your eyes (the Radix), the distance between your eye may appear smaller. However, which is worse, the deficiency from a deepr radix or the close set eyes -- only you can decide.

Robert M. Freund, MD
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The effect of a radix graft is variable depending on size

A radix graft can make your eyes look closer.  The effect of a radix graft is dependent on the size, shap, and placement of the graft.  It can change the shape of your nose by affecting the take-off of your nose, and can make your nose appear narrower.  It all depends on the shape of the graft.  Talk it over closely with your surgeon.

Raghu Athre, MD
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Radix Grafting and Appearance of Your Eyes

Placement of a radix graft can certainly impact the appearance of your eyes by making them look closer together. Obviously there are gradations that need to be considered - a small, low profile radix graft might not have such an impact on the appearance of your eyes. You have to simply prioritize what bothers you more and make a decision based on that assessment. Good luck.

John M. Hilinski, MD
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Radix Grafts and Eye Position

Radix grafts can indeed make the eyes look closer together.  Conversely, when the bridge is lower, the eyes tend to look further apart.  This one of the reasons that patients with extremely low bridges often feel that their eyes are too far apart.  The key in rhinoplasty is matching the nose to the face and person's facial features.

Anil R. Shah, MD
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Getting the Best Result in Revision Rhinoplasty depends on Good Evaluation


Rhinoplasty is an art as much as a science. It is crucial to make sure your surgeons spends adequate time analyzing your face and nose. This should be done not just in the frontal view of your nose but also the profile, oblique and base views should be carefully examined.

The complex anatomy of the nose in relation to the facial features (eyes, cheeks, width of the face, upper lip and chin) needs to be systematicaly evaluated.

Revision Rhinoplasty requires a surgeon who has had extensive training  and experience in all aspects of nose surgery and rhinoplasty. Your surgeon has to have passion for rhinoplasty and be dedicated to get the best possible result.

Lengthening the nose can be done by a variety of techniques but it should be done in the context of ratios and proportions of the other facial and nasal features.

Hope this was helpful.

Dr. Sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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Avoiding "funny look" with Rhinoplasty

Improperly fashioned radix graft can give one an appearance of eyes being too close together.  The graft has to be positioned in such a way as not to make the upper part of the nasal bridge too wide, it creates a "funny look" in that area.  Revision rhinoplasty is a rather complex operation requiring lots of experience and expertise.  There are few different  ways to lengthen the nose, and radix grafting is rarely successful as a stand alone maneuver.  Make sure your surgeon carefully analyzes your nasal anatomy to determine precisely what surgical techniques are required to achieve your goals.

Boris M. Ackerman, MD
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Radix grafts yield excellent results with proper patient selection

A radix graft is a piece of tissue, usually septal cartilage, placed at the root (top) of the nose.  It leads to improved shadowing of the nose and if selected properly greatly enhances the frontal and side profile.

Radix grafts must be fashioned carefully to achieve maximum results, but are an important tool for the rhinoplasty surgeon.

Robert Mounsey, MD
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